Robin Hood Way
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Nottinghamshire's Longest Recreational Walking Route

Route Updates


Updates to the route of the Robin Hood Way since publication of the 4th Edition 1st Revision July 2012


Section 1: Nottingham Castle to Wollaton Park

Page 2

Paragraph 7


Turn left and walk along Beeston Road, crossing it at a pedestrian crossing. Turn left and walk towards University Park (1) going over a tram track and ignoring the main university entrance, but take the first pedestrian entrance some 200 metres further.


Section 4: Kimberley to Bestwood

Page 24

Paragraph 28


Turn left along Nottingham Road for 80 metres towards an island, then cross the road and take a signposted path to take a new railway bridge to cross over the Robin Hood Line and go past mill buildings to meet Moor Road.


Section 8: Nomanshill Wood to Blidworth (Jolly Friar)

Page 44

This section should be renamed: Section 8: Nomanshill Wood to Blidworth (Tesco Express)

Page 47

Paragraph 16


Turn left by Tesco Express onto Dale Lane.


Section 9: Blidworth (Jolly Friar) to Kirklington

Page 50

This section should be renamed: Section 9: Blidworth (Tesco Express) to Kirklington


Information Section:

Start: Tesco Express on Dale Lane, Blidworth.

By Road: Some on street parking is possible along Dale Lane, and there is a Forestry Commission car park at Haywood Oaks, just over approx 800 metres further along Dale Lane towards its junction with the A614.


a) last line Delete ‘At the time of publication the future of the Jolly Friar Inn Was uncertain’


Paragraph 1


From the Tesco Express proceed down Dale Lane to just beyond the last houses just before where the road bears right to take the clear path bearing slightly left through a steel gate with a plantation the left.


Page 53

Paragraph 19a Robin Hood Hill Detour


7th line: to the summit to enjoy the view and to sit down on a bench erected by the Robin Hood Association in memory of Geoff Rix a former secretary of the Association.





Section 10: Kirklington to Eakring

Page 63

Paragraph 27 & 28


Due to erection of new style electric training pylons (2015) the path has been diverted at paragraph 27.


27. At this gap cross a cart bridge, turn right to walk a field edge path with hedge on your right hand side to gap in hedge where farm track is. Keep left of farm track till hedge is reached. Turn left and walk up a slight slope on field edge path with hedge on right and the new style pylons in the middle of the field on your left until you reach bridge.


28. Cross bridge and turn immediately left. Walk down field boundary with ditch on left hand side. On reaching gap in hedge turn left, go through gap and follow field boundary path with hedge on right. On reaching field gate turn right to walk down a green lane to Road (Eakring E).


Section 11: Eakring to Archway House

Page 68

Paragraph 11


11. Continue straight ahead for a short distance to a junction of tracks then turn left at a way mark heading for a bungalow. (The stream is not followed.)


Section 12: Archway House to Hazel Gap

Page 74

Paragraph 4


4. Ignore the next track going right, cross a second track and continue to cross a narrow stretch of plantation to a T junction with a clear bridleway by a yellow water hydrant marker.


Section 14: Creswell Crags to Clumber Park

Page 84

Paragraph 7


7. As you approach the Lodge, at the edge of the small plantation on the left is a fence and hand gate. Go through a hand gate into the plantation, and then turn right along the side of a wooden fence to another hand gate. Turn left towards the Lodge. When you almost reach the Lodge buildings, DO NOT turn left on to the signposted footpath to Worksop, but turn right into trees, follow path with fence on right


Page 85

Paragraph 10 & 11


Ignore first line


9. OK


10. DO NOT go through the arch, turn left and follow the tarmac road to the end of the fence on your right hand side. Go half right onto a track through woodland.


11. After 90 metres continue along the path to your left ignoring path on right to follow through woods (parallel to road on your left. At end of path (next to metal barrier) turn right to walk along a wide forest path 1 km to reach a road.


12. 13. 14. OK



Page 92



Delete The Robin Hood Inn, Elkesley


Section 17: Whitewater Bridge to Hazel Gap

Page 99

Paragraph 2


Please note the path down to Conjure Alders has recently been affected by mining subsidence causing flooding of the right of way. Nottinghamshire County Council is aware of the problem and is in the process of attempting to resolve the problem. PLEASE BE CAREFUL ALONG THIS SECTION OF RIGHT OF WAY.


Circular Walk 11 The Prehistoric Caves of Creswell Crags

Page 158

Heading on pages 158; 160; 162; 164 should read Circular Walk 11

Heading on pages 159; 161;163 should read The Prehistoric Caves of Creswell Crags